Monday, 2 April 2007

Plekker trip to South Africa and Family Tree updates

Business wise it has been a hectic week and although my good will, I did not manage to ad an awful lot of information to the Geni Family Tree.

But Jane Douros (<- Nieboer <- Plekker) worked hard to add her family members. Her info is very valuable to the Tree. Thank you Jane!! If any of the other Plekker’s would like to add info to the Tree, please contact me to log on to Geni.Also the promised pictures are not yet up, some I couldn’t open so I hope Robert Plekker will send me new ones. I received an email from Greet Plekker who added a lot of information to her Plekker Tree and who finished the beautiful album of their visit to the Plekker’s in South Africa in 2006.

She writes:
In Hermanus we met Aunt Mieke Plekker (89, daughter of Willem) and in Kaapstad and paarl, Hannes Plekker and his family.
In Bloemfontein we stayed with Pierre, Sandra and their 3 children and also met Roedi and Hanneke.
With Pierre we travelled to Eliot and visited various sites such as the family cemetery near The Home and the cemetery in Eliot where Daniel Plekker (born in 1880 in Zaandam) is buried. Like his children en even grand children.

We still talk about this holiday and all meetings daily. We hope that you too enjoy sharing your bit of this trip.Aare there still additions to the Family Tree, please
contact me.

Astrid, daughter of Greet and Luuk Plekker, commented to my previous blog post. I love her idea of all of us meeting in a virtual threedimensional world. And I will be more then happy to help those who don’t use Skype to communicate, to set Skype up.


Anonymous said...

How do we get to the geni family tree from this site?

Ike Roelfsema said...

You can contact me by e-mail and I can give you a password