Monday, 20 August 2007

Long time no "see".....

It shocked me to see I have been “away” from this blog for so long!
April was my last message and now it is September. Time flies…

So much happened over the past months. Most important for me was my new job.
Besides running my own business Varras Consultancy I also work full time for Skype as Head of Communities and Forum Operations. A wonderful job which involves getting used to a whole new way of thinking and working. Plus travelling to Skype’s offices in London, Tallinn and Prague.

I visited beautiful Tallinn and London several times since May and my next visit (September) will be Prague.
So, lots of flying around, meeting people, learning and talking. I enjoy every minute of my job and life but it left me not much private time to catch up on here.

But other descendants did not sit still.
Greet Plekker updated the Plekker site with loads of new information. Her energy is admirable and fantastic!
I received an e-mil from Clifton Orlebeke (thank you so much Clifton!), son of Mien Plekker and Joe Orlebeke. I will post a follow up in a few weeks time.

Many people have been working hard on the Geni site. Relatives in the USA added an enormous amount of pictures and photo’s (Jane, you are the best!!) and my brother Herman added info + pictures from the family tree from our Dad’s side (not a Plekker but who knows we have ancestors in common!). Also a picture of Mum’s side is added.

The Geni Family Tree Flu is spreading!! If you want to know how to access it, please contact me per e-mail ( and I will invite you to join the tree. Please explain who you are as you will understand that non family members / relatives don’t get access to protect the details on the site.

I also received new photo’s which I MUST add to the albums as soon as possible. It feels like I have neglected everyone but this is not the case. Just trying to put 48 hours into 24.

Hope to catch up with you very soon again. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog by clicking the RSS feed button (little orange square with the white stripes) or clicking the e-mail link below the blogpost.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Just found my Plekker family!
My 1st q.: Is my cousin Elaine
Plekker Eldersveld still living?
My name is MaryRuth Elaine Radius
Smith, Smith. (I changed my name
from Ruth to MaryRuth in 1993) And
my mother is Corrie Radius Plekker.
I sure would like to know the
whereabouts and well-being of my name-sake. Thanks!
What fun to see pictures of my
cousins--especially Chuck Orlebeke.

Ike Roelfsema said...

Hello MaryRuth!

I am so happy you found the Plekker Blog!! I have been looking for you and / or your borthers for years.
I hope you have some pictures for the exisiting album.

I am afraid I don't know if your cousin Elaine Plekker is still living. She is in our family tree at Geni but I do not have additional information.

It would be wonderful to receive your e-mail address, mine is

Looking forward hearing from you!

Big Plekker hug.