Monday, 12 March 2007

Reply to my e-mail

Over the past few weeks I have been browsing the Internet for names and e-mail addresses connected to Plekkers in every way. I think I found appr. 90 names and addresses and sent as many mails. Nothing indicates that these addresses are still valid but like we say in Holland “Nooit geschoten is altijd mis” or “If you don’t shoot, you will always miss”.

From Greet I received the message that a Jackie Plekker visited my blog due to my e-mail message and she contacted Astrid Plekker.
The e-mail served it's purpose because my goal with this blog is to organize a (virtual) reunion, sharing pictures and memories.

To my delight the Orlebeke family has been replying. As well as the Dutch as the USA tribe.
Ko Orlebeke in the Netherlands, nephew to Joe, phoned me via Skype and we had a nice chat. He sent me pictures and promised more send by other addresses.

This morning I received a very nice and warm reply from Timothy Orlebeke from the US.
He confirmed being the son of Clifton Orlebeke and mentioned he forwarded my e-mail to his father who will get in touch with me. It is with Clifton’s permission that Timothy replied to me.

I visited my mother this morning and told her that her Orlebeke cousins are still alive and that I have Clifton’s e-mail address. My mother is suffering from severe heart failure and feels fortunate that she is still here to hear about her cousins. Her smile was worth a million e-mails.

She still remembers her uncle Joe and Aunt Mien from their visit to Holland in 1964, not long before my grand mother Klasina passed away due to Cancer. I met them too but can’t remember them anymore unfortunately.
Mum says there has to be a picture of me sitting in between Joe and Mien.

Yet another good reason to browse every available picture book in the family. You will understand that the Albums are far from complete….

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